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What Is Business Development and Licensing

What Is Business Development and Licensing

But as the pressure to complement internal innovation with external sources continues unabated, the role of BD&L teams has also become more challenging. Advances in science and the development of new modalities such as cell and gene therapy, changes in business models (e.B.g., combinations of drug devices, the advent of digital health solutions, and intense competition for new assets) have made the BD&L landscape more challenging and complex. The role of business development and licensing (BD&L) teams in life sciences companies is becoming increasingly important. With robust treatments for many diseases, rising costs, changing regulatory requirements, and the challenging economics of developing drugs for rare diseases, it`s clear that very few truly innovative products from traditional R&D pipelines will lead to exceptional opportunities. To boost their growth aspirations, companies need to look outside of their own organizations. The NIBR Business Development & Licensing team is flexible in structuring companies and aims to adapt our collaboration to the individual needs of each partner. Types of transactions include licensing, licensing and risk sharing, research collaborations, options, equity investments and acquisitions. Our Code of Conduct outlines our Genioo standards and business practices combine the best of both worlds. Our experienced consultants bring both strategic thinking and problem solving as well as deep expertise to help you overcome the challenges you face. The NIBR BD&L team seeks collaborations in the following areas: We believe that a diverse supplier base helps us better understand the needs of the people we serve Learn more about the science, strategy and minds behind our innovations.

To meet the company`s main challenges, BD&L teams today need to have a broader focus than ever before. Keeping track of this vast landscape can already take on scarce resources, especially when multiple opportunities need to be sought at the same time. The challenge is to continue to focus on the company`s strategic goals while working effectively in an increasingly fast, complex and competitive environment. Our extensive expertise means we help you with everything from researching and interviewing key thought leaders to managing the entire project end-to-end. From tactical to more strategic initiatives, you`ll be supported by executives with a unique blend of BD&L, line management and consulting. Learn more about our approach to industry partnerships from Phil Gotwals, Head of Business Development and NIBR Licensing: Our flexible and collaborative model is ideal for the plug-and-play needs of BD&L teams. We can provide tailor-made support during peak periods of activity or extended support for larger strategic projects. Our consultants are all experienced and experienced people who can get started right away.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our extensive consulting experience allow us to create immediate and sustainable added value. Our NIBR Business Development & Licensing team works with potential partners to establish mutually beneficial and productive collaborations. We remain actively in contact with our employees to ensure dynamic collaboration and maximize the chances of success. In today`s environment, BD&L projects can be fast and multiple projects can be involved at the same time – so it`s essential to get flexible support from a trusted partner. Genioo`s unique engagement model means you get the support you need when you need it from experienced and highly experienced consultants – and it can scale up or down as your needs evolve. Our NIBR Business Development & Licensing team seeks collaborations across most therapeutic areas and technology classes (see table below), from idea generation and early discovery to clinical proof of concept (Phase IIa clinical trials). If you have an idea and want to work together, learn more here. We support our clients throughout the BD&L value chain, from identification to onboarding, including: Genioo`s unique blend of industry knowledge and expertise, business knowledge, world-class consulting experience and flexible resource model makes us the ideal choice to complement and expand your internal teams and help you achieve your goals. It is crucial that we establish these partnerships properly, as our work has the potential to impact the lives of millions of people. .

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